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Monday, March 28, 2011

How to succeed in coaching - at Georgia Tech, anyway

Georgia Tech hired a new basketball coach today. I wish him well. As the former Sports Editor of The Technique, Tech's student newspaper, and a former faculty member, I have some advice for him.

To survive as a football or basketball coach at Georgia Tech, four things are necessary and sufficient.

1. Conduct oneself in a responsible manner. Tech alums do not tolerate boorishness.

2. Don't let the teams be an embarrassment. Anything below a .400 record is questionable. Anything below .300 will get you canned.

3. Every five years, field a good team. In football that means winning the ACC Championship or winning a bowl game (not merely going to one). In basketball, that means making the final of the ACC Tournament or reaching the second round of the NCAA tournament.

4. Win 1 out of every 3 games against the University [sic] of Georgia.

I guarantee that if a Georgia Tech football or basketball coach does these four things, there will be long-term employment.

P.S. There is a long history at Tech of adding "[sic]" to any reference to UGA. Ask any alum why.