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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back in the saddle again

I'm delighted that I will re-enter the full-time corporate workplace in January. I already know a number of people at my employer-to-be, and the company finds itself at a significant inflection point in its history. Their products -- or, as I will soon write, "our" products -- are ethical and beneficial.

They want me to undertake some challenging, multi-disciplinary tasks that have an international scope... very similar to work that I had enjoyed and done well at my prior employer. Maslow's theory of self-actualization has been widely criticized among professional and academic psychologists, but it fits the every-day world quite well. I look forward to doing my part to drive growth at this company and thereby get some self-actualization lift of my own.

Being a consultant/contractor, as I've done for a year, has its advantages. There is freedom to control one's schedule and to choose assignments -- in theory, at least. There is also a lack of corporate bureaucracy, but to a large extent this is balanced by the need to market one's practice, keep books, file legal documents, and report taxes.

I've found that being a consultant/contractor also has its downside. It's more isolating than the corporate environment. It doesn't come with a steady pace and schedule. Opportunities to stay current on technology and trends in the market are less frequent. Also, I miss the travel... although there's the old line of "be careful what you pray for -- you might get it."

Will I continue to blog? Yes.