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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The art of the one-liner

One type of tweets that I read is the one-liner. Some comedians use Twitter; others don't. Of those that do, some engage in two-way conversations or generate high volumes of tweets. I don't "follow" them. Instead, I follow comedians who have apparently mastered the art of sending one-liners in the electronic world. Here are some recent examples.
  • Conan O'Brien: an Arizona senator wants to create a special holiday just for white people. We already have one called The Season Premiere of Mad Men.
  • Ron White: It's so cold here in Berlin the warning on my coffee cup says, Caution: Product will be extremely hot until you are done reading this.
  • David Steinberg: Interesting to see Kennedy's intern on TV. Hope Eisenhower's intern doesn't show up.
  • Rita Rudner: Police recaptured Madonna's stalker. As a punishment, they're making him watch that movie she just wrote and directed.
  • Albert Brooks: Got a beautiful snapshot today of Kodak going out of business.
  • Larry Miller: I'm going to watch the Pro Bowl, it's football, but it's always anticlimactic to see 22 men more hungover than you try not to hit each other.
  • Steve Martin: Uploaded photo of myself in Speedo to comply with Google’s new privacy policy.
I just love this stuff. It's free and it's constantly flowing. If you have the stomach for it, follow Sarah Silverman. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just can't take her.