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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A spectacular performance

Carolina on my Mind, performed live by Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, and a band at a MusiCares tribute for James Taylor in 2006.

A few comments:

  • This is Nashville at its best.
  • The uncredited drummer playing with sensitivity and restraint is Steve Gadd, whom you might know from Steely Dan's Aja title cut or Paul Simon's Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover. He's so respected in jazz that people irreverently refer to him as Steve God.
  • Something that I didn't notice myself, but a YouTube commenter did: when Krauss starts to sing, look at her right foot. She isn't comfortable with the tempo of the intro and wants to slow it down. Douglas and the pianist immediately adapt to her toe tap, smooth as silk. Gadd looks out from behind his drum set to check, too.
  • Krauss might not cut it on an opera stage, but she is superb in her element. As another commenter said, "angelic".
  • There's no room for error in a live performance at a small venue, being taped in front of the song's author.
  • The music of James Taylor is holding up very well after 45 years.
  • Nice dress, don't you think?