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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Favorite flavors

What are your favorite flavors? Here are my Top Ten.

10. Blue cheese. Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola, whatever.

9. Port wine. See #10.

8. Artichoke hearts. The leaves aren't always worth the trouble, but the hearts are.

7. Pork BBQ in the Eastern North Carolina style. Doesn't everyone know that the center of the universe is Goldsboro?

6. Black tea. No milk, no sugar, no lemon. At a grocery in the U.S., I prefer Twinings Irish Breakfast. But the really good stuff comes from Upton Tea.

5. Strawberry. No chocolate for me. And I like the Rolling Stones way more than the Beatles. Sorry, girls.

4. Almond paste, or its liquid counterpart amaretto. But did you know that the widely available Disaronno isn't made from almonds? They don't even call it an amaretto anymore.

3. Red bell pepper. The snack food of choice, if they weren't so expensive. I've tried to grow bell peppers in a garden without success. I suppose they're expensive because they're difficult.

2. Lime. A pie, a salsa, or a caipirinha.

1. Pear. Nothing but nothing beats a Royal Riviera® from Harry and David.